Vesfy BV

Vesfy represents Value Engineering Solutions For You. We offer customized innovative technical solutions and services to enhance profitability and continuity of your business.

What can Vesfy offer you?
1) An improved and innovative design.
2) Technical solutions and redesign of parts to make it possible for this to be converted into homogeneous castings.
3) Reduce your labor costs.
4) Less assembly costs, by converting multiple components into a single piece casting.
5) Flexibility in the production of complex parts with very tight tolerances.
6) More homogeneous components, due to the removal of all kinds of compounds (weld, solder, screw, bolt, etc.)
7) Castings are, net of the one-off investment in the mold, much cheaper than composite and machined parts.
8) Sheet metal components are highly competitive produced by using a mixture of traditional and modern machining.
9) Machined parts are made by us using conventional and CNC machining with very tight tolerances.
10) Wear parts can be produced by us, by means of alternative materials such as polyurethanes, and different rubber qualities.

As part of our service, we can keep your equipment in stock in our own warehouse. We also take care of all the logistics with JIT deliveries so you can save these costs and to fully concentrate on your core business.

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